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Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation manufactures a complete line of Aqueous and UV Coatings with the latest technology for the commercial printing industry. We also make Flexographic, Roto Gravure, and Webb Coatings. Our skilled staff of formulators and chemists have created a wide selection of Aqueous Coatings and UV coatings. Tennessee Technical Coating Corporation has the expertise and experience to meet the requirements and high standards of our customer's needs and specifications to optimize productivity in the pressrooms and keep operations running efficiently.


  • Low Odor LOW VOC

  • Excellent Scuff & Block Resistance

  • Excellent Drying and Gloss

  • Excellent Runnability


  • Primers

  • Satin and Matte Coatings

  • Work & Turn Coatings

  • General Purpose Coatings

  • Folding Carton Coatings

  • UV Coatings

  • HS Webb Coatings

  • Specialty Coatings

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