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Writing Instrument Manufacturers

Although Tennessee Technical Coatings is an OEM manufacturer, our products are seen by end users all over the world. These include consumers who purchase wood-cased pencils, cosmetic pencils, industrial markers, office supply products and school markers. Manufacturers of these products depend on us to help them maximize the visual appeal of the product they produce.

We provide high viscosity lacquers that are gasket applied for wood-cased pencils, plastic extruded pencils, and pen barrels. Our low viscosity dipping lacquers are used by the cosmetic industry for lipstick and eyeliner color identity, while our low viscosity striping lacquers are used in the manufacture of pencil ferrules. Our color dispersions create a rainbow selection of vinyl erasers for pencil eraser plugs, wedges, and toppers. Our customized ink additives improve cap off and stability. We are also known for producing high-quality xylene inks, alcohol permanent inks, and whiteboard marker hybrid inks.

Not only do writing instrument manufacturers choose Tennessee Technical Coatings to optimize the aesthetic value of their products, but they also appreciate advantages such as consistent colors, viscosities, and dry times, which lead to a seamless manufacturing process.

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