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Why Choose Tennessee Technical Coatings?

About TTC

Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation was founded in 1978. The founders saw a need in the writing instrument and cosmetic pencil industries for a premier supplier that could deliver world-class quality, product engineering, and customer service. As a result, Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation (TTC) was established in the heart of its customer base.

TTC's original charter was to provide custom engineered and extremely high-quality products to customers with quick cycle "on-time" delivery. That charter has not changed. Today, we are the sole or significant source of many of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in the US and abroad. Our products range from the coatings on baseball bats to specialized cylinders used in submarines. We actively develop products for, and export to, countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. As the company has grown, we have been able to take advantage of volume purchasing and internal cost economies. Along with the growth, we have invested in state-of-the-art production and quality assurance equipment and computer-based color-matching systems. TTC has focused on putting environmental systems in place that meet, with a wide safety margin, all local, state, and federal environmental and safety regulations. We have consistently reduced VOC emissions at the same time our production volume has increased. The company is extremely active in the community with volunteer activities as well as financial support. We have been extremely successful with many of our product lines improving product performance and value while reducing or maintaining prices while the rest of our industry sees price increases.

Located in the heartland of Tennessee in the town of Lewisburg, TTC is situated in the Industrial Park area. Lewisburg provides quick access to major rail lines and Interstates. Nashville, TN. and Huntsville, AL., with their major airports, are equidistant at 50+ miles north and south respectively. Lewisburg also has an airport that can accommodate small jets and private aircraft.

Product Development

Our new customers normally learn about us from our other satisfied customers. Most of our customers initially send samples for development and matching. A great deal of development work is done during the frequent customer visits that are ongoing. TTC can typically computer match a sample, formulate the product, and get back to the customer with price and delivery within 24 hours of receiving a sample. It is possible that customers could further reduce cycle time by transmitting compatible spectrophotometer sample data electronically to TTC. Orders can normally be shipped within 10 days of receipt of a purchase order. We develop a complete MSDS for each product shipped and can offer expert advice on any environmental, safety, or handling questions our customers have. Our labeling meets all safety, environmental, and DOT requirements and bar coding is available. As an active committee member in professional organizations relating to paint, writing instruments, and colors, we are up to speed on the latest developments in materials, trends, processes, and market opportunities for our customers and ourselves.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In our business, quality starts with the customer and ends with the customer. The chain of well-documented events in-between focuses on engineering materials, solid supplier performance, optimized products, and well-planned processes that minimize variation and lend themselves to documented manufacture, checks, and balances. Up front, we survey our customers in depth to determine their business and specific needs, develop exacting specifications, generate user-friendly process and product documentation and run samples to ensure satisfaction. After samples are approved, we produce consistently high quality and deliver on time. We subject each batch to exacting test specifications and keep paint and application samples from each batch we produce. After the sale, we call our customers to make sure they are satisfied with our products, services, and professionalism. We pride ourselves on the absence of customer complaints and product returns.

TTC Employees - Our Most Important Resource

Many of our employees have been with TTC since our early years as evidenced by several hundred years of expertise. We pride ourselves in our safety record, quality, continuous improvement, and the cleanliness of our facility. We know that the key to our success and our customer satisfaction lies in our employees. We carefully choose our employees and always assume an employment candidate will be here for life. TTC's business and quality philosophy and policies are carefully reviewed with employees to guarantee complete understanding and acceptance. Safety and safe work habits are integrated into every aspect of our operation. Because we treat our employees as business partners and involve them in all aspects of running the business, morale and productivity are high, and their happiness and professionalism are evident in the products and services we provide.

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