Writing Instrument Manufacturers


Although Tennessee Technical Coatings is an OEM manufacturer, our products are seen by end users all over the world. These include consumers who purchase wood cased pencils, cosmetic pencils, industrial markers, office supply products and school markers. Manufacturers of these products depend on us to help them maximize the visual appeal of the product they produce.

We provide high viscosity lacquers that are gasket applied for wood cased pencils, plastic extruded pencils and pen barrels. Our low viscosity dipping lacquers are used by the cosmetic industry for lip stick and eye liner color identity, while our low viscosity striping lacquers are used in the manufacture of pencil ferules. Our color dispersions create the rainbow selection of vinyl erasers for pencil eraser plugs, wedges and toppers. Our customized ink additives improve cap off and stability. We are also known for producing high quality xylene inks, alcohol permanent inks, and white board marker hybrid inks.

Not only do writing instrument manufacturers choose Tennessee Technical Coatings to optimize the aesthetic value of their products, they also appreciate advantages such as consistent colors, viscosities, and dry times, which lead to a seamless manufacturing process.

Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturers


Tennessee Technical Coatings provides low viscosity sanding sealers and spray applied lacquers for woodworking applications used by kitchen and bathroom cabinet makers. Our stains can be applied in multiple ways including wipe, spray, and no wipe methods.

Kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet manufacturers rely on Tennessee Technical Coatings for consistent viscosities and solids, as well as ease of application. We have a full service product line. Customers have a tendency to choose Tennessee Technical Coatings to supply them with the entire package of products for their custom cabinet shops or manufacturing operations. They rely on our reputation, as well as their experience in doing business with us.

Commercial Printers


Leaders in the commercial printing industry rely on Tennessee Technical Coatings as a trusted supplier for Aqueous, UV, Flexographic, Roto Gravure and Web press work. We produce primers, satin and matte coatings, work and turn coatings, general purpose coatings, folding carton coatings, UV coatings, HS Webb coatings, and specialty coatings. Our products offer printers the benefit such as:

  • Low Odor Low VOC
  • Excellent Scuff & Block Resistance
  • Excellent Drying and Gloss
  • Excellent Run Ability

55 Gallon Drum Remanufacturers

55 Gallon Drums

Tennessee Technical Coatings produces conventional solids and high solids in quick air dry enamels, which are well suited to coating 55 Gallon Drums. Manufacturers trust our enamels due to consistent viscosities and solids, for ease of application.

Our enamels coat a variety of commonly seen drums including BP Green, Mobil Red, Exxon Red, and Chevron Blue.

Guitar Manufacturers


To make sure their guitars look as great as they sound, manufacturers use Tennessee Technical Coatings stains, spray applied sanding sealers and lacquer top coats. The result is an instrument with remarkable color depth and pristine gloss finish.

Wooden and Aluminum Baseball Bat Manufacturers

Low viscosity dipping primers, colors, silk screen inks, and clear top coats are the products which have helped Tennessee Technical Coatings to score big in the athletic equipment industry. Our proven package of complimentary products work together every time, giving our customers the best results, and most consistent quality.

wood bats

Bath Tub and Shower Refinishers


Beautiful bathrooms begin with great products from Tennessee Technical Coatings. Our spray applied two-component epoxy-polyester assures a great looking finish that withstands time and wear.

Custom refinish contractors have reported no quality issues with the coating 10 years running. Contractors must be trained and qualified before using this product.

Farm Implement Manufacturers


Because nothing works harder than farm equipment, it must be built to last, inside and out. Tennessee Technical Coatings enamels air dry or bake, and are spray applied conventional solids or high solids. Our coatings endure the rigors of the job and give equipment a sleek finish. Spray applied rust inhibitive primers are available when requested

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