Gasket Lacquer

Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation is the leading manufacturer of coatings referred to as gasket lacquers for the writing instrument and the cosmetic pencil industries. Having expanded on that concept, TTC offers products for any business model requiring gasket lacquer application.

TTC gasket lacquer customers can be assured that their products are lead free. A member of the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, our products meet the ACMI ASTM D-4236 seal of approval as well as the European EN71 standard.

Industries that benefit from using TTC gasket lacquer include

* arrow shafts * broom handles * walking canes * writing instruments * and cosmetic pencils.

Products for the arrow shaft industry include fletching adhesive and lacquer stains. While the writing instrument and cosmetic pencil choices are almost endless, TTC nitrocellulose lacquers and acrylic lacquers consist of, but are not limited to:

* most any and every color imaginable
* glow in the dark lacquer
* fluorescent lacquer
* soft feel lacquer
* clear lacquer top coats
* pearl top coats
* metallic lacquers
* wood primers
* plastic primers
* matte finishes

Dipping lacquers are also a specialty of ours as cosmetic pencil manufacturers will attest. The adhesion, dry, and integrity of the TTC products are unmatched in quality and esthetics.

Tennessee Technical Coatings Corporation also produces the ferrule lacquers that hold the erasers on pencils as well as the pigment dispersions found in eraser toppers. When it comes to gasket lacquers and dipping lacquers we are first and foremost. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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